In the Software or Technology DevOps world, the term CI/CD is commonplace. What CI/CD means in that world is continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD). This means that when there is a change, proper procedures and steps are put in place in order to automate much of what needs to be done between ‘I have some code’ and ‘the code is production ready’. In the product management world, we may be dealing with code, or we may not, but we have our own form of CI/CD.

Welcome to the world of continuous innovation and continuous delivery. Of course, this…

Welcome to the world of enterprise products where there are more dollars per customer and more risk per feature than in the B2C world, and your customer base is typically a fraction of the size compared to that of a retail or social consumer focused product.

As I’ve ramped up in my product manager role at PROS, I’ve spent easily over 100 hours of enterprise product research I’ve realized that successful enterprise products and product feature releases tend to follow the same three guidelines to ensure success for the product, business, and last but definitely not least, the customer.


As I’ve settled into my role of Product Manager at PROS, I’ve become more and more excited not only about my product, and even more excited about my customer’s problems. Even when I shop online, view a website, or any of the applications on my phone, I think about what the problem that this item or application is trying to solve in my life, and how do they present themselves in a way that makes me confident they’re able to do so.

I’d like to touch on what I’ve come to realize is the PM Mindset, and how it beneifts…

In this article, I will be walking you through the Apriori algorithm in order to do a Market Basket Analysis. This technique is commonly used by retailers and digital sellers to best recommend and display items that are most likely to be included in a basket if not already. The logic can be simplified as an if-else-then logic statement typically, but there are some other calculations made by the Apriori algorithm that we will cover in this article to better understand the recommendations.

Apriori — Understanding Association Rules

Let’s first understand what association rules are. Association rules are formed from a vector of transactions or…

Data science, big data, and data analytics are topics that I’m consistently approached about with regards on how to ‘get their feet in the door’ and the learning path one should go on in order to learn the essentials for such an industry focus.

My Story

I graduated back in 2015 with a bachelors degree in Economics. Before graduating I held a couple of internships mostly focused on finance and investments because well, that’s where I heard the big bucks were and I wanted to see what it was all about. Needless to say, my time was short in this high stress…

Michael Le

Innovation focused leader driving Data Science, Data Engineering, and Advanced Analytical Products

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